Training Manager


hillary spent 3 years in the mortgage industry...excited to share... best practices..blah blah….more to come

Hillary Black


ListReports 101

The basics on how to master ListReports so you can focus your energy on more important tasks. The course goes into detail on best practices, strategy and how to establish agent pairings to grow your pipeline.

ListReports 102

Now that the burden of creating tools for your agents has been lifted, learn how to take your ListReports skills to the next level by creating a sophisticated plan to grow and engage your agent community for business results.


ListReports Mastery

Every other Tuesday at 9:00am PST

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Are you ready to truly master the ListReports platform? Then this is the training for you, during ListReports Mastery you will learn how to leverage ListReports to prospect new agent relationships, strategy behind text drip campaigns, increase agent adoption and so much more.