Webinar Hosts


Sondra Jovel
Lead Trainer


Hillary Black
Lead Trainer


Series 1 Lender Webinar: Learn how to use ListReports

The Series 1 Lender Webinar is designed to show you how to use the ListReports dashboard. By the end of the session you will know how to log in to the system, request a report, distribute your report, learn how to revise or submit changes and how the leads work on your marketing materials. 

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Series 2 Lender Webinar: Marketing/strategies & prospecting techniques

The Lender 2 Series Webinar is designed to show you how to market to agent partners as well as solicit to new agents. In this webinar, we show you actionable steps that you can use to help increase your business. 

Q&A session after the presentation.

Check out the recorded version of the webinar here:
Series 2 Lender Webinar


Agent Webinar: Learn how to present ListReports to agents

Presented by: Hillary Black


Invite your agents to join our agent training webinar or come learn how to share the product with your agent partners. We will not only provide training to your agent, we'll also sign them up and connect them to their selected participating ListReports lender if they do not have an account.


The Agent Webinar is designed to show agents how to effectively use the ListReports Dashboard through their full sales funnel. Use ListReports for active listings, buyers reports, listing presentations, etc. ListReports will show you how to elevate your marketing material for every stage of the transaction. This webinar is open to all levels of agents whether or not you have a listing. Let us show you how to generate more opportunities. 

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