Frequently asked questions

Can I discuss my options with a ListReports sales rep?

Yes, you can! Simply book a demo. Our office hours are 8am-5pm PACIFIC TIME, Monday-Friday.

How does ListReports pricing work?

The monthly fee for ListReports ELITE is $150. Payments can be made via credit or debit card and is charged on a recurring basis monthly from the original date of purchase.

What forms of payment do you accept?

For individual accounts, ListReports can be paid via credit or debit card. For enterprise accounts and larger groups, additional invoicing options are available. Contact for more information.

Can I pay for multiple people under one card?

ListReports allows you to put several people under the same payment form. Simply contact and we'll connect you with a representative that can address your needs.

Can I put my account on hold?

Yes. Users are granted a one-time temporary freeze on their account with ListReports. For more information about details and duration, contact us at to discuss.



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