New Daily Activity Email

  • Want to know how many new listings have been posted by the Agents you're Following? We've got you covered.
  • How many total Agents are you actually Following? We'll tally them up for you.
  • In your "Recent New Listings" section, we'll show you a few of the freshest listings from your Followed Agents along with the Property stats. Create a new ListReport in seconds!
  • Lots of ListReports on your Dashboard but you're unsure how many you still need to send an Agent Offer for? Alakazam! Find out in the Unsent Reports box.
  • You sent out a few Offers last week but some of your Agents are dawdling on accepting or responding?  It's the Unaccepted Offers box to the rescue! Get an exact count and be informed when its high-time to reengage those Agents!
  • You want to be the best you can be, and we want to help. Visit the ListReports Knowledge Base for frequently updated blog posts that are chock-full of Industry Tips, Tricks, Best Practices and lots of hilarious animated gifs!