My Leads

Managing Leads Generated Through & ListReports Marketing Materials

Your Leads tab will post a new Lead anytime a consumer performs one
of the following actions:

  • Signs up for under your affiliate code.
  • Texts a short code for any ListReport you are co-marketed on.
  • Submits a lead form on a ListReports Single Property Website you
  • are co-marketed on.

NOTE: You can also add a Lead manually by clicking the “Add Lead” button

Manually Adding A Lead

Meet a new contact out in the field? Create a lead to track on your Dashboard!

Mandatory Fields:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone
  • Email

The Lead will not be notified when you initially add them. This is for your records only.

NOTE: Once a Lead is created, you’ll have the options to invite them to and generate Text/Email Alerts on their behalf.

Transferring a Lead
to a Partner Agent

From the ‘My Leads’ tab of your Relationships section, you have the option to
Transfer one of your “ Registration” leads to one of your affiliated Partner Agents!

It’s as simple as selecting the Lead, choosing your Agent and clicking Submit!


NOTE: You can ONLY transfer one specific Lead Type: " Registration."

  1. Click “Transfer This Lead” within the dropdown on the VIEW button.
  2. Search for the Partner Agent you wish to transfer the lead to.

  3. Click ‘Submit'

NOTE: Only Agents who are Partnered with you through will appear in your search.


Once a Lead is Transferred:

  1. The Agent will be the Owner of the lead and it will appear in their Leads section. (You will still have visibility in your own Leads section)
  2. As the transferred Buyer (Lead) uses, the Agent will be able to track activities (You will still have visibility into the Activities through your own Feed).
  3. The Agent will now be featured and co-branded with you on all listing detail pages on as the Buyer searches the site.
  4. Any Just Listed or Recently Sold Alerts being delivered to the Buyer will now feature co-branding between You and the Agent.

NOTE: Only Agents who are Partnered with you through will appear in your search.