Creating Just Listed and Recently Sold Alerts on Behalf of a Lead

Text Alerts

When your Buyer Leads sign up for a account, they are automatically enrolled in a Just Listed text drip campaign. This means they will immediately start receiving daily listing updates based on their filters & searches.

You can also setup your leads with Just Listed & Recently Sold text alerts manually through your ListReports Dashboard. Read below for more information!

With just a few clicks, you can generate a Just Listed or Recently Sold text/email alert on behalf of your leads!

If your Lead is not yet a user, creating an Alert will automatically deliver them an email invitation to accept a FREE account under YOUR affiliate code!

In the ”My Leads” tab, you will be able to see if your text drip campaigns have been activated. You will be able to activate text drip alerts on leads that come in from your and or marketing materials. Simply click, “View” on see the lead and to start the text drip campaign.


Once they Opt-In, the Alert will be activated immediately. If the consumer already has a account under your affiliate code, the alert will be accepted and activated automatically.

NOTE: In order to receive Listing Alerts, your Lead needs to have a account and/or have accepted the invite.


Recently Sold Alerts

  • Simply enter the consumer’s home address and a radius around that address.
  • The consumer will begin receiving text and email alerts for Recently Sold listings in their area.

Just Listed Alerts

  • Simply enter the City/Zip the Buyer is interested in and some specific preference options.
  • The Buyer will begin receiving text and email alerts for Just Listed homes in that area.

What your Buyer Sees When You Create an Alert on their Behalf

Buyers get a FREE account AND Listing Alerts with minimal effort!

The Buyer will receive an informative, branded email template inviting them to opt-in to the Alert you’ve created for them, as well as accept the FREE account that’s been created for them. 

The Buyer does NOT have to register for because their account is automatically generated for them simply by clicking the blue opt-in button in your invite email!

All they have to do is Login to use the site and their Alerts will start being delivered when listings are available.


Examples of Just Listed and Recently Sold Alerts


Just Listed Alert
You can create these Alerts on behalf of your Leads from the Relationships section.

These alerts are also auto-generated anytime a user selects home preferences and creates a Search Filter.

Recently Sold Alert
You can create these Alerts on
behalf of your Leads from the
Relationships section. users cannot create these Alerts on their own. You will offer them added value by creating this Alert type on their behalf.


Pro Tip: Set your buyers up to win and be advertised on every “Just listing alert”. Use “Just sold alerts” to attract more sellers while being advertised. Text messages have a 98% open rate vs. emails that only receive a dismal 32% open rate.