The Shortest Distance Between You and More Mortgage Leads

Same Same

Finding new mortgage leads is the same as finding new leads in any other business: you can either find entirely new folks who need your service, or you can drive new business from your existing network.

Now, building completely new business relationships should definitely be a considerable part of every loan officer’s business growth initiative.

That being said, the fastest way to get new mortgage leads is to source them from the folks you already know. They're the lowest hanging fruit of your next commission check.

Give ‘em a reason

If you are a loan officer worth your salt, then you already have a group of Realtors who send you referrals from time to time. You probably also have a larger group of Realtors who know you but haven’t referred mortgage leads to you yet.

In both cases it’s incumbent upon you to give those agents a reason to send loan deals your way. The ListReports 'Follow Agent' feature gives you that reason.

Turn new listings into new mortgage leads

Perhaps the most important reason why an agent would want to receive a ListReports marketing kit from you is when that Realtor has a new listing.

Not only do listing agents often dual rep, they also interact with multitudes of buyers' agents all day.

Accordingly, loan officers that work with listing agents often find that their relationship has both a direct impact and a secondary amplifying effect in terms of growing new mortgage leads.

You can know the moment any agent has a new listing by using the 'Follow Agent' feature in ListReports.

Let’s do this

Adding your agent network with ListReport's 'Follow Agent' feature is as easy as entering the agent’s name into our system.

Here's the ‘Follow Agent’ step-by-step guide to give you have a sense of how easy it truly is.

ListReports has hundreds of thousands of agents in our database. On the off-chance that the agent you want follow isn’t in our system, adding unlisted agents to your account is ridiculously easy too.

Once you’ve added your agent network to ListReports you’ll get a text message the moment a followed agent has a new listing that hits the MLS.

That text message will look like this:

Simply tap on the link in the text message and you’ll have a marketing kit for that property in seconds. It’s a super easy, relevant, and timely way to give agents that previously mentioned “reason”.

Ok, it’s time for you to build up your library of agents. Log in to ListReports right now and get to it. Or sign up for ListReports here.

Start with your current agent partners and expand to the Realtors you know and want to work with thereafter.

Oh, and don’t fret: agents don't know that you’ve followed them. You just come across as someone who's on top of their game!


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