Don’t let your pipeline run dry!

Use Follow+ to prepare for 2020

Whether you’re working on refi or purchase loans, now’s the time to take advantage of our newest competitive edge. ListReports unlocks market data directly on your Dashboard and gives you the ability to easily identify and follow the agents most likely to introduce you to active borrowers that will build your pipeline and grow your business.

You receive automatic notifications when your followed agents close a purchase transaction – the perfect time to reach out them to strengthen or build your relationship. For new agent relationships, you can invite them to pair with you on ListReports and when they accept your invitation, we’ll automatically send them a 25 piece marketing toolkit that is co-branded with you.

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Follow+ Pro Tips:

  • Use Follow+ to understand what your agents are up to on all sides of the transaction.

  • Never miss a potential refi by scoping out purchases in months where rates were high.

  • Receive push notifications when your Follow+ agents close Buy-side transactions so you can find out your share of their transcations.



Coming soon!

  • Congratulatory emails instantly sent to your followed agents when they close Buy-side transactions.

  • Just Sold marketing kits automatically sent to your followed, paired agents when they close Buy-side transactions.


Over 9,000 loan officers from lenders, banks, and federal credit unions across the U.S. use ListReports to connect with more than 200,000 real estate professionals in all 50 states.


I found that some of the agents I’ve done business with for years had a few recent Buy-side deals. Unfortunately I was not part of these deals – now I need to step up my game and see why not!
-Greg, Los Angeles, CA
After being a loan officer for a few years, I just recently went on my own. The value of not only knowing listing agents, but finding buyers agents to create a well rounded pipeline allows me to build a detailed plan of the agents I want to pursue and the ammo to reach out and set myself apart from competition.
-Kyle, Atlanta, GA