New Listing Alerts and Creating New ListReports

Activity Feed

The Activity Feed serves as an easy tool to track your agents' activity, as well as receive notifications of new listings. 

New Listings Alerts for Followed Agents

When you're following an Agent, you will be notified when they have new listings on the MLS!

You will be notified in 3 ways:

  1. Daily Activity Feed Email: You already receive a Daily Activity Feed email. Once you are following agents, you will see their new listing updates begin to show up amongst the rest of your activity from the prior day.
  2. Text Message: If the agents you follow have new listing, you will receive alerts through text in tandem with your Daily Activity Feed email. 
    1. If your agents have 1-3 listing updates on a given day, you will receive 1-3 text alerts. 
    2. If your agents have 3+ listing updates on a given day, you will receive a single text alert that will link you directly to the Activity Feed on your Pro Dashboard.
  3. Activity Feed (Pro Dash): The listing updates for the agents you follow will appear as events in the Activity Feed on your Pro Dashboard.

Creating a New ListReport from a Listing Update

You can generate a new ListReport on behalf of the Agents you follow with just a few clicks! 

Within the Activity Feed updates and Text Alerts you receive for new listings, you'll find a link that says, "Click Here to create a new ListReport for this new property." 

Clicking this link will take you directly to the New ListReport form on your Pro Dashboard. The property address AND the Agent info will be pre-filled for you! 

All you have to do is click "Submit" to send the report off to our Production team for processing. As soon as your ListReport is complete, you'll be notified so you'll be notified so you can send the email offer to the agent immediately!