The ListReports Glossary


These are words you’ll commonly see when you use ListReports.

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Follow Agent | Feature
The The Follow Agent feature allows Lenders to follow a realtor's production. For example, when a 'Followed Agent' lists a home for sale on an MLS the Follow Agent feature will genrerate a New Listing Alert which notifies the Following Lender by way of text message of this new listing.

Follows (Your Follows, Followed Agents)
Follows is shorthand for the agents whose productivity you track using the Follow Agent feature.


We use the term ListReport in a manner similar to Kleenex in that it is both our brand name and our product's name. When referring to our product, ListReports is synonymous with Marketing Kits..


Marketing Kit (Marketing Suite, Marketing Materials)
Marketing Kit refers to the entirety of indiviual pieces which makeup each ListReport. To put it another way, Marketing Kits are sum total of all of the 20+ pieces you get when you request a New ListReport. Some examples of those individual pieces are Open House Flyers, Property Websites, and Pre-Listing Presentations.


New Listing Alert
New Listing Alerts are alerts sent to Lenders when an agent they are following has listed a new property to an MLS..


Open House Flyers
Open house flyers are used to attract potential buyers to attend a formalized veiwing of a home for sale. More importnatly, open house flyers are commonly left on display at a home viewing so that interested home buyers can take it with them as a reminder, as well as to take notes on while they view the home..


Pre-Listing Presentation
A crutial marketing piece within the Marketing Kit which is commonly used by listing agents. When pitching listing representation to a homeowners in the early stages of selling a property, agents use ListReports per-listing presentations to signal preparedness visually.

Property Website (Single Property Website)
Single property websites are a powerful tool when presenting a home to potential buyer or potential seller. With no other property listings to distract viwers, single property websites allow interested parties to singularly focus on the attributes of a particular home.


Single-Property Website
(see Property Website).